Professional Photography - Level 1

Professional Photography - Level 1 is a 10-Session Course to equip the student with the essential skills to enter the Photography Business. Each session is 3.5 hours, and comprises theory and hands-on practice. The sessions are:

Session 1 - DSLR Fundamentals
Session 2 - Visualize, Emphasize, Simplify
Session 3 - Effects of WB, ISO, Shutter, Aperture
Session 4 - Portraiture
Session 5 - Digital Darkroom
Session 6 - Nature, Landscape, Macro
Session 7 - Still Life, Food & Beverage, Blogging
Session 8 - Sports and Action
Session 9 - Night Photography
Session 10 - Studio Photography

There will be a course project, where students are required to submit s set of images for assessment.

Students who have achieved 80% attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Upon successful completion of the Course Project, the student will be awarded a Certificate in Professional Photography - Level 1.

Detailed Syllabus