Professional Photography - Level 1

Professional Photography - Level 1

Note: The Instructors are currently fully engaged in photography courses in MOE schools.
As such, we are not scheduling public classes at ths moment.

However, we will accept individual coaching for basic and advanced skills.
All indvidual coaching will be customized to personal needs, and as such the pricing will vary.

Please address your enquiries to:

Indicative fee:
* 8 x 3 hours Basic Photography: S$795
* 5 x 3 hours Intermediate Photography: S$795
* Specific Advanced Module: S$795/day/module + costs (studio, model, materials, travel, etc)

Advanced modules:
* Architectural and Interior Photography
* Sports and Action Photography
* Studio Portraiture
* Product Photography
* Food & Beverage Photography
* Advanced Editing with Photoshop
* Portrait Editing with Portrait Professional