Lawrence Ang

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How He Began
Lawrence got his first camera, a Diana, as a birthday gift during his teenage years.  However, his photography interest truly began only in 1991 when he enrolled in a Black & White Photography course with the SAFRA Photography Club at the former Bukit Merah Clubhouse.  It quickly followed with a Studio Portraiture course in which he topped the class.

Other Photography Genre
Besides the initial interests in macro photography, other genres that Lawrence had been passionate include Birds, Sports, Portraiture, Travel and Aerial photography.

Volunteerism, Organising Oversea Trips
He had been able to share his passion in such wide-ranging interests at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010, SEA Games 2013 and 2015, ASEAN ParaGames 2015, as well as multiple aquatic and disability sports events since 2007.  He had even been able to extend these interests by running as a guide for a visually-impaired athlete at marathons, as well as organise run-travel-shoot trips to Hong Kong, Kyoto, Phuket and Siem Reap.

Certification, Accreditation
As a certified Project Management Professional since 2007, he can be relied upon to lead teams on major assignments. Lawrence is also an MOE-accredited instructor.