Professional Photography Education and Services

Welcome to Fotokara Academy!

Fotokara Academy is a premier photography education centre staffed by industry professionals. The Academy strives to provide:
* Top Notch Education in Photography
* Skills Training in Photography and Videography
* Skills Training in Digital Image Editing
* Specialized Workshops
* Specialized Photography Services
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1. Oct, 2018

Photoshop Workshop (Intermediate) - 13 Oct 2018 (Registration closed)

2. Oct, 2017

Shooting the F1 Race in Sepang, Malaysia

23. Jun, 2017

Duty Free Shops, Bangkok

23. Jun, 2017

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

22. Mar, 2017

Architecture Photography

22. Mar, 2017

Polarizing Filter

18. Jul, 2016

Blog - Asean University Games